Earn Money Olnine from YouTube Chanel in Pakistan

YouTube Earning Online

You can too earn money online by uploading videos on YouTube and carrying traffic to your YouTube channel. Furthermore, here’s a manual for kick you off.

Steps to start Earn Online by means of YouTube

Here are basic guidelines:

  • Make a YouTube Channel
  • Make videos and upload to youtube that will accumulate consideration (read: watchers)
  • You are going to make money (a few pennies) for every video see (by and large a dollar or two for each 1,000 video sees).
  • Youtube gives chance to content makers to make money and to do that you should simply engage the watchers.

The following are few steps you have to make to start earning money from YouTube.

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Create a Youtube Earning Channel

  • Sign into your youtube Account (your Google account can be utilized for that) Create a channel
  • Enable Your Channel for Monetization
  • Sign into your youtubeaccount.
  • Select your account information from upper right and select Creator Studio.
  • From left menu, select Channel > Status and features.
  • Accept the understanding.
  • Connect Your Channel to AdSense
  • After empowering monetization for your YouTube Channel, you have to relate an endorsed AdSense account with your youtube account.
  • YouTube Analytics is utilized to monitor the earning, which may be paid if you consent to the YouTube payment limit.

Review Video Criteria and Ad Formats

For you to get paid, it is a flat out need to meet two criteria:

Video Monetization Criteria

  • Videos ought to be easy to understand
  • The substance ought to be your very own to be advanced monetarily
  • Copyrighted videos, or those that you duplicate from web; won’t work here
  • You can give documentation to the video and sound substance utilized in videos
  • Video ought to agree to Terms of Service and Community Guidelines which can be found here

Youtube Earning Advertising Formats

Once monetized videos are empowered, a few promotions (see underneath for more information on kind of advertisements) may show up alongside your video.

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Monetize Videos with Ads

You are fully set up for the monetized videos with your AdSense account. You would now be able to empower qualified videos to earn money from applicable promotions.

The DO’s $ Don’ts


  • Make videos that may perform better, for example that are probably going to be looked through more
  • Create videos that are fascinating and may make clients to watch them totally
  • Make videos that are connecting with, for example ought to have the option to fetch remarks, likes
  • Compel clients to buy in to your channelyoutube


  • Most significant: Don’t duplicate glue Videos on youtube. You will be gotten (automatically) for any copyright infringement and you may face account suspension soon.
  • Don’t make express videos or those that are not permitted by youtube TOS..