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Truck Driver Jobs In Canada 2023

Truck Driver Jobs In Canada: Being a truck driver in Canada offers a range of opportunities for individuals interested in this profession. Truck drivers play a crucial role in the transportation industry, ensuring that goods and materials are delivered efficiently and on time.

PositionDriver Truck
No. of vacancies5
Salary$28.00 hourly for 40 to 60 hours per week
Employment typePermanent employment, Full time
LocationCalgary, AB, Canada

Truck Driver

OTHI FREIGHT based mostly in Calgary, AB is inviting purposes from appropriate candidates for the place of Driver, truck who’re self-motivated and have good interpersonal expertise. The candidate who acquired chosen might be required to begin work as quickly as doable. The vacancies confer with Everlasting employment or Full-time job. The candidate might be anticipated to work in numerous shifts and shift schedules have but to be decided. The place of the Driver, truck has been accredited by the LMIA (Labour Market Affect Evaluation).

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Job Requriments

  1. Fluent in English: Proficiency in the English language is essential for effective communication with colleagues, supervisors, and customers. As a truck driver, you will need to understand and follow instructions, communicate with clients, and maintain proper documentation. Therefore, fluency in English is a vital requirement for this position.
  2. Minimum Secondary School Graduation: OTHI FREIGHT expects candidates to possess at least a Secondary School Graduation certificate or its equivalent. This qualification demonstrates a basic level of education and ensures that candidates have acquired the necessary foundational skills required for the job. A high school education is important as it provides a solid educational background and indicates a level of commitment to learning.
  3. Experience: While not a mandatory requirement, having prior experience as a truck driver is considered an asset. Previous experience in a similar role indicates familiarity with the responsibilities, knowledge of regulations, and a proven ability to handle the demands of the job. Candidates with experience may possess valuable skills, such as safe driving practices, efficient route planning, and familiarity with truck maintenance, which can contribute to their success in the position.

Required skills for truck driver jobs in Canada:

  1. Valid Driver’s License: You must possess a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) or the equivalent in Canada. The specific class of license required may vary based on the type of vehicle you’ll be operating and the weight of the cargo.
  2. Driving Skills: Strong driving skills are essential, including a good driving record with no serious traffic violations. You should be skilled in operating large commercial vehicles and have a solid understanding of road safety rules and regulations.
  3. Knowledge of Regulations: Familiarity with provincial and federal transportation regulations is crucial. You should understand hours-of-service regulations, weight restrictions, cargo securement rules, and other applicable laws governing commercial trucking in Canada.
  4. Navigation and Route Planning: As a truck driver, you should be able to use navigation tools effectively, such as GPS systems and maps. You must be capable of planning routes and determining the most efficient and safe paths to your destinations.
  5. Communication Skills: Clear and effective communication is important for truck drivers. You may need to communicate with dispatchers, warehouse personnel, and customers, so good verbal and written communication skills are necessary.
  6. Physical Stamina: Truck driving can be physically demanding, requiring long hours of sitting and dealing with various weather conditions. You should have the physical stamina and endurance to handle the demands of the job.

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