What is New in iPhone 13 Series?

Apple has introduced series 13 of its most used product iPhone.As always, the iPhone has introduced the new model in a function. But this time the function was a virtual function.

 Three models have been introduced in the iPhone 13 series

  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 pro
  • and iPhone 13 pro max.

We first evaluate what is the difference between all these models? What’s new and what’s old?


iPhone 13 series will be available to users in four colors.

What is New in iPhone 13 Series?
Colors of iPhone 13 Series
  • Sierra blue.
  • Silver
  • Graphite.
  • Gold.

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iPhone 13 pro and iPhone pro max have introduced Super RetinaXDR display and promotion.

This gives new impetus to videos and photos.The screen size of iPhone 13 Pro Max is 6.71 inches and the screen size of iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 is 6.1 inches.


Now let’s talk about the best feature cameras of iPhone 13 series.

The iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have three 12 mega pixel cameras like the iPhone 12 features of tele photo lens. With the help of tele photo lens, distant objects can be seen distorted without pixels. iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max have wide lens and ultra-wide lens, cinematic mode and 4k video recording option.The iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max has the ability to take pictures in the dark or low light.

It is important to note that the iPhone 13 does not have the facility of Tele Photo lens, night scene scanner and three cameras. While the iphone 13 has a zoom capacity of 2x optical zoom, while the iphone 13 pro and iphone 13 pro max have a zoom capacity of 6x optical zoom.


Now let’s talk about speed, all three models have A15 Bionic Chipset. That’s 20% faster than last year’s A14. According to the company, its efficiency is more than 30%. Apple claims that this is the world’s fastest chipset given in any phone so far.

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As far as the battery is concerned, the iPhone company says that the battery of the iPhone 13 series has improved compared to the previous models. The iPhone 13 comes with a 20W fast charging battery. It has USB Power Delivery 2.0 and 15 W wireless charging. And the multimedia timing of this battery is more than 19 hours.


The new Iphone introduces 512GB to 1TB of internal storage. And the minimum storage in this series is 128 GB, which was 64 GB in previous models.


The i Phone 13 pro is priced at around 999USD which is PKR 170,000. The price of iPhone 13 pro Max is 1070USD which is 190,000 Pakistani rupees.

for more information you can visit officla website of Apple.

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