Best Hotels in United Kingdom to Stay

Hotels in United Kingdom: UK or United Kingdom is also known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain is an independent country located at the western cost of European mainland.  The United Kingdom incorporates the island of Great Britain, the north-eastern part of the island of Ireland, and numerous littler islands.

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The United Kingdom is the world’s sixth greatest tourist destination, with more than 40 million visiting in 2018. US$31.93 billion was spent in the UK by outside travelers. Nevertheless, the quantity of traveler’s beginning from Europe is a lot bigger than those going from North America: 21.5 million contrasted with 3.5 million American/Canadian visitors. The countries favourite tourist spots are London, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge, York, and Canterbury.

If you are a traveller and love to visit new places than you must agree with the fact the every time when you visit a new place the main thing or the problem that you face is, finding nice and comfortable place to live. So in this article you are going to find about few of the best and amazing hotels in UK and make sure that you do visit in the hotel about which we are going to tell you in this article. UK incorporates one of the best chains of hotels and restaurants. This is because of the above mentioned fact that UK is one of the largest visited tourist destinations and millions of people visit UK each year, so it is obvious that the hotel and hospitality industry is booming and that’s why all of the big hotel chains have their hotels in UK. So before further ado let us take a look at few of the best and top rated hotels in UK.

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Retreat East

Retreat East acts like the country gateway and it definitely isn’t an average hotel. It is basically a private member’s club but in the recent times it’d doors has been opened for the non-members too. The name advocates for the environment itself, it has peaceful grounds which are completely secluded. So it should be choice of you if you ever put a step in the neighborhood.

Gleneagles, Scotland

The hotel incorporates a mainline station which is not more than two miles away from the imposing drive. It was once known as the British rail hotel so winning and losing is a package that comes along with it. Since 2015 it has been brought under the umbrella of The Hoxton series and it has made it as one of the best hotels that you can find in Scotland. The hotel is now equipped with all of the modern amenities and things that one can expect in any modern hotel.


If you are looking for a luxurious paradise and want your stay to be an experience that you won’t forget ever than this is the hotel that you need to stay in. The hotel has been designed by world’s best designers and elegance of their work can be seen in the architecture of the hotel. The services provided by the hotel has no match at all and this is the place where you should be staying the next time you are in UK.

The Swan Southwold

In the picture book town of Southwold located is the Swan hotel. The brewing and charming site of hotel makes it a real treat to live in. So if you are looking for a homely, breakfast in bed kind of place, this is the hotel for you and you would really love your stay in tis hotel.

Lime Wood hotel

Within the New Forest National Park sits the Lime Wood. Country manor type is the five star hotels, a Tuscan treat in UK, including a terrace and many things that can help you when you need to live in a place to relax and get rid of your stressful life.

So make sure that you stay in the above mentioned hotels next time you are visiting UK and do let us know about your stay and experience. If you have any quires relevant to the article free to contact us. Our support team will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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