Oman Visit Visa Price in Pakistan

Oman Visit Visa Price in Pakistan

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Oman Visit Visa for Pakistani Citizens

Are you a Pakistani citizen yearning to explore the vibrant landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Oman? Well, obtaining an Oman visit visa is your gateway to experiencing this captivating Middle Eastern nation. This article provides a comprehensive guide on the Oman visit visa process for Pakistani citizens, covering various visa types, processing times, requirements, and application procedures.

Types of Oman Visit Visa:

There are two primary types of Oman visit visas available for Pakistani citizens:

  1. eVisa: This is the most convenient option, allowing you to apply online and receive your visa electronically. It is valid for a single entry and a stay of up to 30 days
  2. Regular Visa: This visa is applied for through the Omani embassy or consulate in Pakistan. It offers longer validity periods and multiple entry options
Oman Visit Visa Price in Pakistan
Oman Visit Visa Price in Pakistan

Oman Visit Visa Price in Pakistan

The Oman visit visa price depends on the type of visa you choose and the processing time. Here’s a breakdown:

Visa TypeProcessing TimePrice (USD)
eVisaStandard (6 days)43.99
eVisaRush (4 days)69.99
Regular Visa (Single Entry)3-5 days60
Regular Visa (Multiple Entries)5-7 days120
Oman Visit Visa Price in Pakistan

Additional Fees:

  • Service Fee: Visa processing companies may charge additional service fees for assistance with your application.
  • Oman Airport Tax: You will need to pay an airport tax of approximately OMR 6 upon arrival in Oman.

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Oman Visit Visa Requirements:

To apply for an Oman visit visa, you will need the following documents:

  • Valid Pakistani passport with at least 6 months remaining validity
  • Completed visa application form
  • Proof of accommodation in Oman
  • Recent passport-size photograph
  • Proof of sufficient funds for your stay
  • Travel insurance covering medical emergencies

Oman Visit Visa Application Process:


  1. Visit the official eVisa website: 
  2. Select your nationality and visa type.
  3. Fill out the online application form.
  4. Upload the required documents.
  5. Pay the visa fee online.
  6. Receive your visa electronically through email.

Regular Visa:

  1. Visit the Omani embassy or consulate in Pakistan.
  2. Submit the required documents and visa application form.
  3. Pay the visa fee.
  4. Attend an interview (if required).
  5. Collect your passport and visa once approved.

Tips for a Smooth Application:

  • Apply well in advance of your travel date.
  • Ensure your documents are complete and accurate.
  • Double-check the validity of your passport.
  • Purchase travel insurance beforehand.
  • Have a confirmed flight reservation and hotel booking.

Oman Visit Visa for Pakistani Citizens:

Pakistani citizens are eligible to apply for both e-visas and regular visas. However, the e-visa option is significantly faster and more convenient.

Oman Ticket Price in Pakistan (December 2023)

RouteAirlinePrice Range (PKR)
Karachi (KHI) – Muscat (MCT)Oman Air, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)32,000 – 65,000
Islamabad (ISB) – Muscat (MCT)Oman Air, PIA, Flydubai35,000 – 60,000
Lahore (LHE) – Muscat (MCT)Oman Air, PIA32,000 – 55,000
Karachi (KHI) – Salalah (SLL)Oman Air45,000 – 70,000
Islamabad (ISB) – Salalah (SLL)Oman Air48,000 – 75,000
Lahore (LHE) – Salalah (SLL)Oman Air42,000 – 65,000
Oman Ticket Price in Pakistan (December 2023)

Please note:

  • Prices are approximate and may vary depending on the airline, travel dates, booking time, and other factors.
  • Additional fees such as airport taxes and baggage fees may apply.
  • It is recommended to book your flight well in advance, especially during peak season, to get the best possible price.

Additional Resources:

  • Skyscanner:
  • Google Flights: 
  • Oman Air: 
  • Pakistan International Airlines:


Obtaining an Oman visit visa is a straightforward process, especially with the e-visa option. By following the steps outlined above and knowing the relevant costs, you can plan your trip to Oman with ease and experience the wonders this captivating country has to offer.

Additional Resources:


Please note that visa requirements and fees are subject to change. It is recommended to check with the official Omani authorities for the latest information before applying for your visa.

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