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USA also known as the United States of America is one of the strongest and well-established country in the world. The country is quite well-known in the world due to the fact that it is one of the most favourite tourist destinations in the world. There is one thing that you must agree with me is whenever you visit any new destination the main problem that is faced is finding the hotels and good accommodation and luxury places to spend and enjoy your holidays. So in this article we have decided to provide you some information that’s really going to help you when you visit USA next. USA incorporates tons of spots that are worth seeing and visiting. So before going to the hotels lets first take a look at the most visited tourist destinations of United States of America. The main attractions for the tourists include Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, Hollywood, and tons of different cities and states.

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Finding Best Hotels in USA

Finding hotel in US is not difficult as there are over 52887 hotels and lodging places in US but it doesn’t mean that all of these places are worth staying and spending your holidays in. All these hotels which incudes from average to five star hotels there are more than 4.9 million guest rooms from which you can choose to stay in. If talk about the occupancy rate of the rooms and hotels in US we can say that at any given time the average occupancy rate of US hotel rooms is 62%. If you are looking to stay in the hotels of US than let me tell you that the stay in US hotels is not that cheap; the average per night stay in US hotels is $ 124.  If we compare this rate with rest of the world we would see that comparatively it’s quite high but we are talking about US and therefore the rates are justified.

If you are travelling to Miami than let me tell you that the average hotel stay in Miami is $245 per night and if you have a heart and looking for the luxury than let me give you the names of the two most luxurious and amazing hotels in USA. The first one is the Ritz-Carlton and the Mandarin where night stay starts from $995.  The hotels and hospitality industry of US is always booming and it has been estimated that each the hotels and hospitality industry of US makes over $162 billion annually. You must be shocked by looking at the figures that this industry makes but you shouldn’t be astonished by it because if we look at the annual spending of tourist which is $830 billion, we find out that that what the hotels makes is just a small chunk.

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Hotel Industry in USA

The hotel industry of USA is also quite a giant when it comes to job production. According to the statistics, over 15.2 million people are currently working the hotels and hospitality industry of USA. The salaries in US hotels are quite good and the minimum wage of hotel workers is approximately $16 hourly and it is obvious that there are positions and jobs in US hotels that pay quite well comparatively, for example the annual salary of a hotel manager in US is around $60000 and keep this in mind that this is the salary of average lodging places in US not the top shot hotels. This industry incorporates comparatively young employees as the job acquires stealth and precision. The jobs in US hotels come with zero tolerance of gender discrimination and therefore you can easily see both of the genders working in the hotels of USA.

Over all USA has some amazing hotels waiting for you to stay there, so whenever you are next planning to go to US make sure that you stay in these hotels and do share your experience of stay with us. If you have any quires about the article feel free to contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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