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Best Hotels in Pakistan to Stay and Dinner

Hotels in Pakistan

Pakistan is a sovereign and independent country, running very fast in the race to make its name into the developed countries in the world. The country has always been the lime light of discussions and news but due to non-popular reasons. However there is so much to talk and look about the country but the media has always projected the negative aspects of it. One of the most underrated things that Pakistan possesses is the natural beauty and the scope of tourism that this amazing land has. But in recent times the doors of the country has been opened for the tourism and people have discovered what the country has to offer and how amazing, hospitable and warm the Pakistani nation is.

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I felt the need of this article after discovering the fact that so many tourists are now visiting Pakistan and as far as tourists are concerned there is one thing that I am always sure of, i.e. they always find it quite difficult to find nice and comfortable hotels to stay in. So basically this article is about the hotels of Pakistan and in the article you are going to find about few of the best hotels in different cities of Pakistan.

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Best Hotels in Pakistan to Stay and Dinner

Avari Towers Hotels in Pakistan

Avari Towers in Karachi is perhaps the best hotel in Pakistan. It is an extraordinary recreation spot located on Fatima Jinnah Street in Karachi, Pakistan. The hotel has 20 stories with 236 rooms. It is known as the tallest hotel in the nation. It comes in four-star hotel rundown having international standard luxury facilities including pool, café, cooling in all rooms, remote web association and substantially more. The hotel gives a tranquil situation, with top notch benefits and amazing food quality.

Pearl Continental Hotels in Pakistan

The biggest hotel chain in Pakistan, Pearl-Continental Hotels and Resorts is the greatest five-star hotel chain in Pakistan. It is located in Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Gwadar, Bhurban, and Muzaffarabad. PC is basically an auxiliary of Hashoo Group. Pearl-Continental Hotel in Karachi is the first ever five-star hotel in Pakistan. The hotel has hotel has facilitated numerous outstanding figures over the world including Queen Elizabeth II, Nelson Mandela, King Hussain of Jordan and some more. The hotel rooms of PC have all the extravagances including Plasma TV and DVD player and full air conditional system.

Serena Hotel

Serena Hotel located in Islamabad can be called as the best hotel in Pakistan. The five-star hotel has served numerous remote prominent figures, lawmakers, and Pakistani known names. The hotel is located appropriate beside the Constitution Avenue in Islamabad. The wonderful area of the Hotel adds to internal assistance and facilities advertised. The cooking offered is stunning and satisfies your taste buds. Other than this exceptional health and business facilities are offered at the hotel. The hotel is located in 14 sections of land region and comprises of amazing nurseries. The engineering, mix of modern and traditional styling, immaculate help and facilities are a fascination for the guests.

Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton Hotel in Karachi is another five-star famous, extravagant and modern hotel located close to the sea shore in Karachi. There are 5 cafés in the hotel along with 407 shower rooms with simply amazing furnishings. There is free Wi-Fi office accessible in each room. Going to the hotel facilities a rec center, pool and excitement choices are given to all guests. The administrations and facilities gave are of international standard. The security arrangement of the hotel is seismic tremor verification, which is an incredible activity by hotel the board.

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Faletti’s Hotel

Amidst modern, new, inventive hotels, there falsehoods Faletti’s Hotel located at 24 Egerton Road, Lahore. It is perhaps the most seasoned hotel yet it is revamped remembering the modern craftsmanship and design. There is a combination of both colonial and modern beautification in the structure. The hotel has a rich history which returns 1880’s, the period of British standard. The hotel has amazing business facilities along with surprising eateries.

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