Ufone Internet Packages in 2023 | Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone, a well-known telecommunications provider in Pakistan, offers a broad range of internet packages designed to cater to the diverse needs of its customer base. These packages are tailored to meet the requirements of different user groups, including students, professionals, and casual internet users. Ufone’s internet packages are renowned for their reliability, high-speed connectivity, and affordability. Whether you’re a light user who only requires a daily package for social media usage or a heavy user seeking a monthly data plan, Ufone has an internet package that suits your needs. With easy-to-use subscription codes and comprehensive customer support, accessing and managing these internet services is straightforward and hassle-free. Enjoy the digital lifestyle with Ufone’s high-quality and value-for-money internet packages.

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Ufone Internet Packages
Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone daily internet packages

Ufone Daily Internet Packages are a versatile solution for individuals seeking high-speed, reliable, and affordable internet access on a day-to-day basis. These packages are expertly crafted to meet the diverse daily data needs of users, whether they want to stay connected on social media, browse websites, stream content, or check emails. With various data volume options available, users can choose a package that perfectly aligns with their internet consumption pattern. The convenience of daily validity ensures that users only pay for what they use without committing to a long-term plan. Subscription to these packages is easy with straightforward USSD codes. Experience seamless connectivity and explore the digital world with Ufone’s Daily Internet Packages.

Package NamePriceInternet MBSocial Media MBSubscription CodeValidity
Social DailyRs 6100 MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line)*4422#1 Day
Special DailyRs 650 MB (1 AM TO 9PM)500 MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line)*3461#1 AM TO 9 PM
Daily ChatRs 6 (Including Tax)500 MB (WhatsApp) + SMS: 10000*3465#1 Day
Best Day OfferRs 9.99 (Including Tax)500 MB (Facebook) + On-Net & PTCL Minutes: 500*6060#1 Hour
Streaming OfferRs 10500 MB (YouTube + Dailymotion)*78#1 Hour
Daily LightRs 1240 MB500 MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line)*2256#1 Day
Mega InternetRs 152 GB*550#1 AM TO 8AM
Daily HeavyRs 18 (Including Tax)75 MB500 MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line)*2258#1 Day

Ufone weekly internet packages

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages are designed for users who prefer the convenience of longer validity periods and substantial data volume. These packages cater to a wide range of users – from those who require internet for casual browsing, social media, and emailing, to those who need a substantial data volume for video streaming, online gaming, or heavy downloads. With a validity of seven days, these packages eliminate the need for daily subscriptions, providing users with seamless internet connectivity throughout the week. Whether you are a student, a professional, or a digital enthusiast, Ufone’s Weekly Internet Packages offer excellent value for money, letting you explore the digital world with ease and affordability. Subscribing to these packages is as simple as dialing a USSD code, making your weekly internet needs hassle-free.

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Package NamePriceInternet MBExtra FeaturesSubscription CodeValidity
Super InternetRs 1351.2 GB*220#7 Days
Weekly Internet PlusRs 1806 GB3 GB (1am to 8am)*260#7 Days

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Ufone 30 Days Internet Packages are an optimal choice for users who prefer a long-term, hassle-free internet connectivity solution. These packages offer a broad range of options, varying in data volume and price to suit every need, preference, and budget. Whether you are a moderate user inclined towards social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, or a heavy user who requires substantial data for streaming, downloading, and intensive browsing, Ufone has a package for you. With a 30-day validity, these packages eliminate the need for frequent re-subscriptions, providing a month of uninterrupted, high-speed internet access. Subscribing to these packages is as simple as dialing a USSD code. Experience the convenience and reliability of Ufone’s 30 Days Internet Packages and stay connected to the digital world all month long.

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Package NamePriceInternet MBSocial Media MBSubscription CodeValidity
Social MonthlyRs 601 GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter)*5858#30 Days
Monthly Light Cashback OfferRs 2501 GB2 GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line) + Balance: Rs 50*3# > 1 >430 Days
Monthly LightRs 3901 GB2 GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line)*7807#30 Days
Monthly HeavyRs 7803 GB2 GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line)*803#30 Days
Monthly MaxRs 156010 GB2 GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line)*5100#30 Days

Ufone others internet packages

As the smallest GSM mobile service provider in Pakistan, Ufone has a 14% market share with a subscriber base of 23 million. Its network coverage extends to 10,000 locations across Pakistan, including major highways. Ufone offers international roaming with over 288 operators in 160+ countries and GPRS/BlackBerry Roaming coverage with 200+ operators across 122 countries. With the advent of 3G/4G, Ufone offers special 3G internet packages for social media usage, including the ‘3 Day Bucket’ package providing 100 MB internet and 500 MB for social platforms for 24 hours at Rs 30.

Package NamePriceInternet MBSocial Media MBSubscription CodeValidity
3 Day BucketRs 30100 MB500 MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line)*3350#3 Days

Ufone important USSD Codes

  • *Ufone Balance Check Code (124#): This USSD code is used by Ufone customers to check their remaining account balance. After dialing *124# from their Ufone number, users will see a prompt that shows how much balance is left in their account.
  • *Ufone Advance Loan Code (456#): This code allows Ufone customers to borrow some balance when their account is running low and they can’t recharge immediately. By dialing *456#, users can receive an advance balance, which will be deducted from their account the next time they recharge.
  • Ufone Check SIM Number Code (7803#): This USSD code helps Ufone customers find out their own SIM card number. By dialing 7803#, users can see their SIM card number displayed on their phone’s screen.

These can occasionally change, so it’s always a good idea to verify the current codes from Ufone’s official website or customer service.