The top ten reasons to study in Canada Ultimate Guide

You don’t need to search any further if you’re looking for a place to start your career and continue your studies abroad. These are the ten best explanations for studying in Canada.

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Why come to Canada to study? You can work, for starters.

Some study abroad places either don’t allow foreign students to work at all, or they might only allow it in specific industries or areas. Canada is not. One of the best advantages to study in Canada is that, as a student, you can work while you study, which enables you to pay for your education while gaining valuable work experience. working and Study in Canada:

Reduced tuition

Yes, the cost of the same course as an international student will still be more than that of a Canadian, but it would probably be even more expensive in a different nation, like the US, Australia, or the UK. In addition, as mentioned in point #1 above, you are not only making more in Canada but also paying less.

There are 500,000 additional people that are willing to assist and counsel you.

It won’t be just you. In Canada, there are about 500,000 international students. They all have a narrative. They are ubiquitous and have empathy for your everyday worries, having experienced them themselves.

You’ll get a top-notch education

Not to be overlooked among the many other benefits of studying in Canada are the fact that its colleges and universities produce exceptionally gifted alumni. Top professors are drawn to these well-funded, globally recognized universities, which also provide courses that are adapted to the needs of an evolving economy. It’s hard to believe, but you will graduate from this course even brighter than you are now, and you’ll be ready to start your career in Canada. Having said that…

You are able to work During Study in Canada.

Instead of brushing recent foreign grads away or making it very difficult for them to stay, other nations like the US and UK should take a cue from Canada. What do you think of a three-year work visa that is valid after graduation? Why not change the terms of this work permit so that you can work anywhere in Canada for any employer, at any time, and with the freedom to switch jobs to get even more valuable work experience that you can use to support your application for Canadian permanent residence? Bravo, Canada.

You are able to move During Study in Canada.

What exactly is meant by permanent residency, by the way? The ability to permanently reside and work in Canada while receiving social and public health benefits. Canada wants you as an international student or graduate. In addition to language proficiency (which you have acquired over the years) and age (you probably have a few decades of your career left to go, unless you retire early, which is entirely possible given that you have a Canadian education), Canada’s Express Entry immigration system awards bonus points to individuals with Canadian study and work experience. You currently have both. Additionally, Canada’s provinces have pathways to permanent residency through their Provincial Nominee programs in case Express Entry doesn’t work out.

Your family is welcome.

Let’s rewind a bit. We’ve made significant progress, going above and beyond your graduation to secure permanent residency. One of the main benefits of studying in Canada at this time is that you can bring your spouse or common-law partner with you on an open work permit, and your children, if any, can attend any public elementary or secondary school in the country without requiring their own study permit.

You can take a trip During Study in Canada.

You have to navigate six time zones, mountains of snow, kilometers of sandy coastline, a variety of cities, and much more. While you’re here, take advantage of the opportunity to visit Canada. You could even be tempted to stay.

You can unwind

Canadians are renowned for their carefree approach to just about everything. This is a country where people meet up for coffee on the spur of the moment, where getting together with friends for a drink or some food after a long day of work or school is totally normal, and where marijuana was only recently legalized. You are free to do what you like; no one will hold you accountable. It’s okay to be authentic.

You can immigrate to Canada.

In addition to making it simple for students to find employment after graduation and for workers to move into permanent residency, Canada has recently made it even simpler for individuals in PR to apply for citizenship. This last step to becoming a member of the Canadian family gives you the freedom to come and go as you please without having to renew your permanent residence permit, vote, get a Canadian passport (among the most valuable in the world), and keep your original citizenship (if that other country will still accept you, please check first!).

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